Shoulder seams

Thanks Ingrid for your help–I"ll try this and see what happens. Could I do the 3-needle bind off now? I haven’t finished the fronts of the vest yet, just reading ahead where the pattern says to “bind-off”. I have already bound off the back part, like the pattern says. Could I pull out some of the back stitches, put them on a holder and not bind off the fronts like it says and put them onto a holder also? Or is it too late for this? You can certainly tell that I am inexperienced. Or, should I just do what the pattern says to do?

Knitaholic :thinking:

You can take out the bind off for the back sleeves and do the three-needle bind off. I actually would recommend it. It’ll look great!


Thanks so much for the info–I"ll try the 3-needle bind-off (haven’t done that either). Wish me luck!

Knitaholic :XX:

You’ll be glad you did!

You’ll love it!! Three needle bind-off is my boyfriend! :smiley:

Then he’s cheating on me!! :crying: