Shoulder seams

I’ve just finished a sleeveless pullover/vest in Noro Blossom. It is knit in reverse stocking stitch (stockinette) and the friend that I have made it for wants to be able to wear it either way around as she is not sure about the reverse effect. I love it but there you go: it shows up the knubs of colour really well.

Anyway, I want to try and create invisible seaming. I know that I can use mattress stitch on the side seams, so that should be ok. I haven’t ever tried three needle bind off but I had intended to use it on the shoulders, but I’ve read that it is not invisible. So, then I thought to try kitchener stitch. I had left the stiches on holders but then bound them off before I realised that grafting needed then free still… :aww:

So, a couple of questions. Can I unpick the bound off stitches and still graft them? Will it be a strong enough seam: the garment is quite light. Or, can I try using mattress stitch on the shoulder seam as it is?

Any advice gratefully received!


Mattress stitch will leave a seam inside, as will 3 needle bo.

I love 3 needle bo–it makes such a great seam. You can easily take out the bind off once you get that last stitch picked out. After that you just pull and the stitches pop right back out.

For an invisible seam, you could graft the shoulders together, and maybe do an edge-to-edge seam on the sides.

I can’t post a link here from work, but if you Google “edge-to-edge seam knitting” a good site pops up that shows you.

Thanks Ingrid: I’ll have a go at grafting. I’ll need to do it in front of my pc with the video on this site running! I found something on the Lana Grossa site for edge to edge seaming: they say it’s good for shoulder seams! Complicated but I’ll have a go.



It seems I’ve read that you can’t do the kitchener stitch with two tops (the top of the front and the top of the back), you might try to check that out before you get frustrated trying it. I wish I knew where I read that.

Yes, the mattress seam will be invisible on one side but not the other. Maybe you could decide that seams that show will be a design feature on one side. :slight_smile:

I read that doing a 3 needle bind off purlwise instead of the usual knitwise makes a smaller seam (but still makes one). I have tried it and it is true.

If you graft, you could consider using a double strand of wool for a bit more strength? Is the jumper very heavy? If so I’d think carefully about the grafting.

However with the colour changes you will need the grafting wool to come from a point in the colour pattern that matches one of the tops.
Mattress will be more difficult to match, maybe you could do the mattress stitch with a smooth, strong, thinner wool?