Shoulder Sahping

I am knitting a vest and I am trying to finish the neck shaping, but I need help with the shoulder shaping. The directions are:
Shoulder Shaping:
Row 1-6: Bind off 3 sts, work across; with second yarn work acrooss 4 sts each side.

On Row 7: Bind off remaining sts on first side; with the second yarn, work across. Bind off remaining sts.

My questions shoudl I have 4 stiches left on each side and then bind off the remaining sts? I don’t understand Rows 1-7, can you help me.

Thank you.

I only need help with the Shoulder shapping… sorry guys

Bind off 3sts at the beginning of the next 6 rows (bind off 3 work across to neck, pick up second strand of yarn, continue across to end of row, turn, bind off 3 sts and repeat this sequence). Yes, you’ll end up with 4sts on each side. Bind off the 4sts on one shoulder row 7, work to the end, turn and bind off the 4sts for the other shoulder.
I think this might be the link to the pattern.