Shoulder joining?

I am making the sweater titled Park Life in the March 2010 issue of Simply Knitting.
When I get the the top of the back piece the pattern says, "Break yarn and leave to cast off using 3 needles with the front."
When I look ahead to the Join Shoulder Seams section it says "With RS of back facing RS of front cast off 22sts from front shoulder with the back."
I have no idea how to do this type of join/cast off. I am used to casting off thepieces and then stitching them together. Does anyone know how to do this and could you please explain it to me…or if you know of a video, that might work too…lol :grphug:


I think they want you to do the 3 needle bind off. If you go to the video tab at the top of the page and look at bind offs you’ll find how to do it. It’s very easy and looks great!

yup, they want you to do a 3needle bind off, so you just leave your stitches for now (on a needle, holder, waste yarn, anything)

if you do not like the 3-needle bo, then try the kitchener stitch. Looks great, seamless join.
Just practice on a little piece once and you are good to go, I bet.

Video? no problem:

The three needle bind off is good for shoulders because it gives some structure, too.

The KH video is the bottom one on this page.

Yep, a 3 needle BO, which is much easier than grafting the sts together and give a lot more support to the seam too.

Thank you all so much. I did try looking under casting off above before I posted this thread but it only showed the first two bind offs…my internet acts up sometimes. When I went back and looked a second time it was there. :woot:

Thanks again. This site has been invaluable to me in learning to knit. Props to the creators!!! :happydance: