Shoulder cartilage tear, surgery...knitting?

Has anyone had surgical repair of a torn labrum (the cartilage in the shoulder joint)?
I probably have this. I can knit now, but if I have to have the surgery I will be in a sling for 8 weeks; NO DRIVING for 8 weeks.
----If YOU have had this problem–did you have surgery? Were you able to knit post-op?

Also, I recently spent over $400 for fabric to sew up into a dress to wear to a wedding on July 14th and I can’t stretch my right arm out.:pout:

my work friend has this last year. she put off surgery as long as possible, but she did need the surgery. When they got in there was other damage besides the torn cartilage. Post-op her arm was immobilized for a few days, then they started intensive PT to rebuild the muscles. She said it was hard to do things like start the car (the ignition), and brush her teeth (couldn’t get enough pressure with the right arm, and brushing with the non-dominant hand just feels weird), and take a shower. The first 6-8 weeks after the surgery were hard, but now she’s better than ever.

Sorry about all the pretty fabric and no dress!

My husband had this surgery several years ago after trying to slide into 3rd base playing a softball game. He was in a sling for quite awhile and was in the Navy at the time so always had to be clean shaven. Wellllll, it was his right shoulder and he was righthanded! I tried to shave him one time and it was so bad he had to figure out a way to do it himself! :lol: He said my shaving technique felt like someone dragging a rake across his face!!!:shock:

I would say it will be awhile post op before you can knit anything because Jack couldn’t use his arm/shoulder for awhile if I remember right. I know you will miss it, but better to get it fixed up before you damage it any more.

I had the arthrogram and MRI today so I guess in a day or two I will know if I have an operable problem. It sounds like I will be considerably less functional after the surgery (if I need it) than I am now with the problem. I have been working on the adjustments to the bodice of my dress today without much difficulty. It’s just when I make certain moves…YEEEEEOWWW. The pain can be as intense as a birthing contraction. So I work on avoiding those moves. Sometimes, though, reflexes kick in. A ball of yarn rolled away from me the other night and before I could think, I reached out quickly to catch it…and I had to lie down with ice on my shoulder for quite a while.

Good luck, I hope everything comes out o.k. for you. My advice is to check with your surgeon and physical therapist and listen to their advice. I had surgery for an ACL repair on my knee and really worked the physical therapy. It’s as good as new now.

I had that EXACT surgery 8 weeks ago. I was in a sling for 6 weeks, but figured out how I could knit with only my left arm (I’m a leftie, but knit righty) about a week after surgery.
Labrum tears are VERY hard to diagnose even with an MRI. The radiologist read my MRI as having a tear, but the surgeon looked at it and wasn’t so sure. Low and behold, I had a big old tear when they finally went in with the scope. I had put off surgery for about 8 weeks to give a cortisone shot a try, and I wish I hadn’t. I suffered for that whole time.
My doctor said I could drive when I was safe and off pain meds, so for about 4 weeks I didn’t drive at all, and for the last 2 weeks I was in the sling I just drove a small amount in our very small town (1-2 miles).
I’ve been out of the sling for 2 weeks now, and I’m still in intensive PT and will be for a few more months, probably. I still don’t have all my mobility back but that will take time. The pain I am having now is nothing compared to the chronic pain I had been in for a long time. I put off the surgery for 8 weeks to give the corsione shot a try, and I wish I hadn’t.