Shoulder Agony

So, I got injured at work, and nearly dislocated my left shoulder. There are some complications with an aggravated nerve bundle, and I’m spending WAY too much time at the physical therapists and doctors. I’ve had to drop one class completely, take incompletes in two others, and I’ve been late to work thanks to visits to the midical offices. Things are progressing, but still… bleh.

This is not the real tragedy however. Shoulders heal, the semester will end, and eventually work will go back to normal.

The real tragedy is that I CAN’T KNIT! All the fine motor movements of the left hand (I’m a continental knitter) are a bit much, and since my hand is a bit numb (that darned nerve issue) it’s sort of extra complicated anyway.


My obbsession with yarn and knitting goes on, however. I’ve been reading knitting books and letting my mind wander about things I’ll make when I’m better.

Any good knitting books to suggest? Pattern, text, or otherwise? Mind you, I’m interested in the reading as much as patterns right now.

Ow, I feel your pain, having had surgery on each of my shoulders in the past.
Anyway, re: reading suggestions–What about reading up on lace knitting? I had a few interesting books out of the library a month or so ago on this. I can’t remember the titles, but they had lots of history and stuff about Shetland wool and various fibers, as well as bios on shawl knitters from Peru, etc. There were patterns in there for historically famous lace patterns, etc. If you can’t knit right now, it will make for interesting reading.

OH YELLOW! Im POUTING for you!!! :frowning:

Although, you dont really strike me as the “pouting” type. That little bit of snarkiness and stubborness is gonna have you healing ahead of schedule, Im SURE of it! :thumbsup:

What does your therapist think about knitting as part of your therapy? What about projects on HUGE needles? 17’s? 19’s? 35’s?

Sorry to hear about your shoulder Yellow! :frowning: I injured my back at work last fall and was out of commission for quite awhile. I hope your work is being generous and paying for everything!

I second Yvonne’s suggestion of reading up on lace knitting. The book sounds interesting to me too. I’d love to read about historical patterns.

This book looks kind of funny.

This one looks neat too.

I’m really interested in this one.

Here’s a Victorian lace book.

I hope your shoulder heals soooon!

:crying: I’m so sad for your pain!! But, as u said…healing is coming :thumbsup: , so that’s a good way to look at it!!
Ok, I have like 25 knitting books (another addiction…lol)
I just got a few in the mail…loop-d-loop is very cool…there’s a website…check it out; just got the knitter’s bible…wow…had i known it had sooo much infor i’d have gotten it long ago!! If u go to & look at their book selection u will be given the opportunity to view some of the pages in some of the books…helps me make decisions about which books to buy (can’t always leave the house to check out my local book store, etc); also allows u to view a few of their books. if u enjoy intarsia knitting, the new book ‘great knitted gifts’ is FULL of intarsia…quite interesting
that’s a start…let me know if u need more…lol
hope u feel MUCH better and very speedily

I hope you feel better. :pray:

I really liked the books:
Knitting in Plain Engish-all text
Knitting Year Round-text and patterns.
The Knitter’s Bible-text,pictures,sts,patterns…evevrything!

Get Well!! :smiley:

I said this in my blog, but I am fascinated by Loop-d-loop by Teva Durham. If you’re scouting out knitting books, check it out and let me know what you think. I’m so sorry about your arm! Nerve pain sucks, I know. I have hip problems.

I’m sorry about school, too! Things are finally wrapping up here for the semester. Keep your chin up!

Thank you all so much for your support and wonderful ideas for knitting reads! With all this cheer and entertainment, recovery will just fly by.

I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder and knitting problems, Yellowness! I hope it gets better soon! Have you tried toying around with English knitting? Just a thought.

I just noticed something cool, and, being a numbers geek, have to point it out to you:

You joined KH on 1/11, and you have made 111 posts to date.

So cool! :thumbsup:

Take good care,

You poor thing! I hope you recover very quickly and painlessly!

At Knit’s End is supposed to be a good book. I haven’t read it yet but its on my Amazon wishlist!

You should make a wishlist for yourself. Then we could all send you something from it :smiley: We knitters must look after each other you know!

All of the well wishes you’ve all been sending are quite fantastic enough! Thank you for all the support!

As for knitting English, I’ve not tried it but it’s an idea. I tried using 15 gage needles as KellyK suggested and that was a bit better. It’s just all the little nitzy fine motor movements that get me in trouble… But, the semester is winding up for school so it’s probably not the end of the world I can’t really knit right now; I might actually get some homework done :slight_smile:

Aww Yellowness… I feel your pain. If I couldn’t knit, it would be a knife through the heart. ((((((((((((Yellow)))))))))))))

Have you read the Knit Lit books?