Should you always wrap before turning?

If the pattern just says turn, should you wrap and turn?

If it’s garter stitch you don’t have to wrap, it probably looks worse if you do. So just follow what the pattern says. Which one is it?

It’s one of the ornaments in the Knit Picks Tidings of Joy Ornament Kit. It’s a mini-sock and the short rows are on the heel (it’s not garter stitch). What do you think?

If it doesn’t say wrap, don’t; it’s probably a small gauge so there should be too much of a gapping problem. See how it looks. There’s probably a slip st when you turn that helps bridge the gap.

It seems like with socks they have you turn without the wrap and it works fine. There are other times too, and even other ways to deal with the gaps than wrapping. I recently did a collar in seed stitch that had turns and no wraps so it can work for that as well. So I agree with Sue. Don’t do it unless it tells you to.