Should I?

I want to get the Options needle set, but I have my NeedleMaster, and I love it much more than the Denises, so I’m just askin’ who’s tried these and are they any good?

I -ADORE- my Options set. Love, love, love. I have a set of Boyes as well. And honestly, for me, there’s no comparison at all.

The join on the Options is a thousand times smoother and STRAIGHT (no snagging!) and they stay screwed together with no fuss. The needles are lighter and slicker. The tips are much pointier. AND, best of all, the cables are SOOOOO flexible.

Unless you preferred less-sharp needle points or a less-slick needle (which some people do), I can’t think of a single reason to like my Boyes set better. (Sorry, Boyes)

I have the Boye, Denise and Options sets and I’m absolutely hooked on the Options. I’m going to keep the other sets, just in case I may want to use them someday. The options are really slippery, so there may be instances that the Denise set would be better, but I’m also going to order extra tips in the sizes I use most. I vote for the Options!!


[size=7]Options,[/size] [size=6]Options,[/size] Options :heart: :heart: :heart:

I wonder if they will ever have a sale on them again… I definetly want a set :slight_smile:


You could buy them for me :rofling:

Guess y’all like Options, huh??? I don’t really like Addi Turbos, so would I like these? I don’t want to get it and then return it.

I’ve never used Addis, so I can’t give you any points of comparison with those, but I do have a Needlemaster set and I like my Options set much, much better. The joins are smoother and the cables are WAY more flexible. The tips are pointier as well.

Well, now… if you don’t like Addis because they’re dull, get the Options.

If you don’t like Addis because they’re light, slick, or have a slender and flexible cable… you might NOT want Options.

What is it about the Addis you dislike?

Where they on sale, and now they aren’t?

Where they on sale, and now they aren’t?[/quote]

I was wondering the same thing! Did i miss a Knit Picks’ sale??! The horror!

They were too slippery for me, but maybe it could have been the yarn?

I have (and got them in this order)





Plymouth Bamboo sister set

My thoughts:

Denise - Fantastic set - love the feel of it in my hands and the lightweight nature of the needles. I like the cord thickness and it is superb for very slippy yarns such as plymouth royal bamboo. Working with Debbie Bliss cashmerino on the Denise drove me mad - it wouldn’t move and the cord was way too grabby for this yarn. Denise smallest size is not as small as the Boye.

Boye - also a decent set but I was totally NOT happy with the stiffness of the cords. I could use these for straight knitting without issue at all but when I needed to use the smaller size than Denise does for a sleeve on Bombshell I was SO utterly frustrated at how the cable would not move was too ridgid and it caused stretch in my work under the arm. I was not pleased with how it damaged my already done knitting and I have not used the set since. It prompted me to buy Addi’s

Addi’s: Wow I was impressed! When this baby arrived I put the work on the needle - the cord is smooth and flexible allowing moveability with the project, the needles were lightweight (hollow nickel plated) and a pleasure to work with. I bought more Addi’s after using one.

Knitpicks Options: Oh my gosh. I am in LOVE with this set. It is similar to Addi in that they are hollow nickel plated needles, with very flexible smooth cords. They have a longer screw than the Boye set so there is no danger of unscrewing mid work and causing a problem. They piece together VERY nicely and they also knit like a dream. I completed my hat with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino using this set and it went like a dream. No ‘grabbing’ the yarn and the work, it worked smoothly around and I didn’t have to keep tugging my work around the needles. I love them. The only con? My beautiful Bamboo yarn was too slippy for them so I kept dropping stitches and had to put the bamboo onto the denise instead - no hardship since I love denise too!

Plymouth Bamboo Sister set: This thing looks awesome. It arrived with me yesterday, picked up on ebay brand new for a snip of a price. This thing is TINY - it fits in the palm of your hand in a nice popper shut case with 6 sets of needles inside (size 3 to 10) and 4 cables of various lengths. The ends of the bamboo have a plastic stopper in them where you screw the cables in. Cables have a longer screw in than Boye and again appear at first glance quite sturdy. The cables are a little stiffer than options and addi but they are still very flexible and nowhere near as stiff and unmoveable as the Boye. Overall I like bamboo needles and love the feel of them in my hands. These are no exception - extremely smooth needles (no sanding required) and feel light and warm in the hand.

I’ve yet to cast on with them - maybe will try something later but I want to finish working with the bamboo yarn first.

To summarise:

BUY the Options set. You won’t regret it.

They were too slippery for me, but maybe it could have been the yarn?[/quote]

I agree it could be the yarn needle combo.

Where you a new knitter when you tried them? I had been knitting for three years before I ever tried them. If I had been a new knitter I don’t think I would have appreciated the slippyness.

They were too slippery for me, but maybe it could have been the yarn?[/quote]

Also agree it could be the yarn. After trying cashmerino on denise and seeing how hard it was to work with, then trying it on options and seeing how easy it was to work with the material of the needles makes a HUGE difference to your projects.

No, I have been knitting for two years, and I’m pretty advanced (by that, I mean I’ve made a fisherman sweater) They sound nice, so I think the answer is YES, I will get them.