Should I use Moda Dea's Aerie for a chemo cap?

I have a SIL with breast cancer and she just started chemotherapy. I saw the post here about Michael’s having all of their Moda Dea on sale :slight_smile: so I went and got some stuff.

I have 3 skeins of Moda Dea Aerie (Info here) in baby blue, and I was wondering if it would be advisable to do a chemo cap with this yarn?

It is really really soft! But it is kind of hairy (not sure if that would itch). Also, since it’s a bulky yarn, would it be a bad idea to do a chemo cap just because it might look too bulky?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Rubbing it against my cheek, I don’t think Aerie would itch. I’ve never seen a swatch of it, though, and I haven’t gotten around to knitting mine up yet. I also don’t think it would look too bulky at all. That’s really a matter of opinion, though.

ohhhhhhhhhhh santa put a few balls of that in my stocking…not sure what I am going to do with it though! Is it still on sale at Michaels?

Is it machine washable? That would be my concern.

Kitkat - the Michaels near me says the sale continues until January 28. You might want to check yours out.
Julie - actually, it isn’t. Hand wash, dry flat. Would a chemo cap get very dirty and need a lot of washing? Now I’m curious…

I guess it depends on how hot your head gets. :wink: I usually try to make them from something machine washable because they’re going to get worn so much.