Should I try to fix this?

Hi everyone! I’m working on my first sweater, first project on circular needles. The pattern goes about 12 inches in stockinette stitch and then starts a 2 x 2 rib pattern with decreases for six rounds. Well about a quarter of the way into my second round of the rib pattern, I discovered that I had accidentally knit four knit stitches together, instead of two knit, two purl. Aaak! Should I rip back and start over or just keep going in the incorrect pattern that I’ve already started? I’m making the largest size so thats a lot of stitches! The error will be in the middle of the front or back! What would you do? Here is a link to the pattern I am using: Thanks for your help.

how far past the problem are you? Maybe you can just drop the 2 sitches and fix the 2 that are wrong. I think there’s a video on the ‘view videos’ page that shows how to do that. You can use a crochet hook to knit back up to where your needles are.

Either that, or put that section in the back so when you wear it, you won’t have to see it!

oh - cute sweater!

Good advice from Mirl.

I let a mistake stay in a garment, and every time I see it, I’m sorry I did.

I know, if it were me, my eyes would always go to the mistake and it would drive me crazy. I’ve made mistakes before and decided ah well, it’s not really noticeable so I knit on, but no matter how hard I try I cannot look past my mess up and then I want smack myself for not fixing it right away when I wouldn’t have had to go back so far…lol…I say fix it before you go too much further to make it easier on yourself. If it were something a bit less intricate than a sweater (and a gorgeous one at that!) it might not be as bad, but, as pretty as the sweater is, I think if you let it go, you may just wish you hadn’t.

I’m afraid If it were me I would have to go back to the beginning of the mistake… It is a gorgeous sweater… and I think Demonica is right that you will regret not doing it exactly the way you were picturing it in your head to begin with. Why take the chance of spending all that time and love into the sweater and finding out in the end that you are unhappy with it all together and not wear it…

I agree that you should search for the video showing how to drop your stitches to the mistake, then you correct those two and pick them back up with a crotchet hook.

It really IS less work than ripping it back, but does take some concentration. So make sure you can do it when you have an hour to yourself!

Good luck, and let us know what you decided to do! (Can’t wait to see pics of your finished sweater! It’s gorgeous!)

I always grumble and complain when I realized I made a mistake but I always have to frog it and fix it. It is a much better feeling knowing it isnt there anymore.

Really cute pattern!

I am a frogger and fixer. I hate finishing a project and knowing there is something wrong with it.

don’t do all that work to finish it, and know you have a mistake. It will bug you. Mistakes bug me, and I keep looking at them, and then I have to tell everyone about them.

Gosh! Thank you all so much for your replies, and I guess the answer is obvious. Well, I tried to make the fix, but made it worse so I am gonna have to rip back a couple of rows. Wish me luck getting a lifeline inserted correctly before doing that. Will let you know how it goes.

The fun of knitting for me is the feeling of the yarn and needles in my hands, and the symmetry and rhythm of the process. You can actually get a little of that doing the tink stitch (un-knitting to a mistake). If you rip back stop a few rows before the error and then pick out stitch by stitch so you don’t get lost.

Depends on how OCD you are about mistakes. I have to go back and fix them. I am like some of the others here in that my eyes always go to the mistake and when someone compliments me on my knit I have to say, “thanks, but there is a mistake right here, arghhh.” Moronic- I know, but I can’t seem to let them go.

If it still fits you, I’d leave it in…and if anyone asks, it was a VERY ORIGINAL idea :wink:

I’d probably rip & fix, too. It can be hard to just run down stitches and fix them when the mistake is on an increase or a decrease…

Lifelines are great, esp. if your yarn is slippery. If it’s not too slippery, I’d probably just frog to where the error is and reinsert a smaller size of needles. It makes picking the stitches up easier, and you are less likely to tug one stitch enough to make the next one in line drop a row below (KWIM?). Then just knit onto the correct size and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

Good luck! And the more times you mess up and have to frog, the better you will be at it. I’ve become an expert. :rofl:

Just to let you know, I did successfully insert the lifeline and was able to rip back and correct my error. I’m now about a couple inches past that part…and awaiting my next correcting opportunity!

Oh, and you are so right. It seems the more mistakes I correct, the more confident I feel.