Should I try socks?

My first “pick your project” knitting class starts next week. We have to purchase the supplies and use the patterns at the yarn shoppe. Since their yarns are very very expensive, I think I should do a project that will take awhile to do. Socks or a baby blanket? I want a project that will teach me more than knit/purl. I want to learn how to pick up stitches so I can do that purse. I also want to learn how to increase. The instructor is new to me - which means I have to convince her I’m not right handed (happens every time), so that should take the first hour of the first class :teehee:

So, opinions on a project?

Of course you should learn to knit socks!!! They are fun to knit and you will learn lots of things :yay: :yay:

I agree … try socks, I am a selftaught sock knitter. they are fun and you will learn a lot from them … :happydance:

Do the socks! You will be able to have a teacher right there. You will learn a whole lot! You will have a lot of new skills to tackle just about anything! Then you can buy cheaper yarn for your next project. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Socks are lots of fun! :cheering:

not really a dissenting opinion here, but why not just do the purse? you can learn to pick up stitches while actually doing the project! :thumbsup:

but yeah, if you are looking for a somewhat challenging project to do in your class but not wanting to break the bank, socks are a better way to go than a blanket. you can buy lovely baby yarns at other places than an LYS that will cost far less! (did that make sense…i think i am projecting my yearning to get drunk in my writing tonight…better than actually BEING drunk i suppose! :rofl: )

I’m leaning towards the purse as well…here is why…you seem to want to do the purse more than socks. May I suggest to pick a project that you absolutely love. Learn with it. Don’t just knit a project to learn a new technique. Knit because you love the project. My two cents…but yes eventually learn socks :eyebrow:

Try socks. :cheering: :cheering: I took classes last October at my LYS and I’m so glad I did. I would never have figured it out otherwise.

In fact, I need to knit a few more pairs soon just so I won’t “forget” how I did them. It’s been many months since I did my last pair. I learned the “toe up” method and I love it.

If I were doing it, I’d do the socks. They are quick, fun, and you can incorporate as many new techniques as you want depending on the pattern you choose. However, I’m not doing it, you are. And I agree that you should always make something that you love, so if you are not into socks, do the purse.

How’s that for a no-answer answer.

Oh Janie, stay well away from socks, as far as you can get. As far as I can tell knitting socks is second only to heroin in addiction problems. :rofl:

First come the surprise and pride that you can do it, then comes having to knit more, then comes more yarn, and of course you’ll need more needles and oh my…the sock yarns are an addiction in and of themselves. Truly, I had to had a “stash holder” in my bedroom for sock yarn. Last, but not least, is the wonderful look on the faces of your loved ones as you give them the most comfortable pair of socks they have ever worn.

Do it!

Short answer: Yes!! :teehee:

Yes yes yes! Socks are a lot of fun to knit, relatively quick, affordable, not nearly as hard as they look, great gifts and make you feel clever (my favorite part)!
Of course, if you aren’t really that into socks or learning to knit socks then just go ahead and jump into the purse project.

But if the choices are socks or blanket, socks all the way, definitely! :smiley:

And yes, socks are knitting crack. You’ve been warned. Hehe.

edited because my typing sucks today :stuck_out_tongue: darn muscle relaxer :wink: