Should I take classes to learn to knit socks?

I have knit scarves, hats, and one sweater. Now I would like to try socks. I don’t know if socks are easy to self teach or should I take a class. My LYS offers a class (acutally 4 classes over a period of time) for $70 that includes everything. I keep debating with myself whether to get a good sock book or sign up. Any thoughts out there? I know socks are so popular and would love to knit a pair (I think). EVeryone here gives such good advice so I would really appreciate your opinions. This is the best knitting site!!:cheering:

Well, I’m doing my first one, self-taught. I knitted a bunch of little stocking ornaments, which were pretty easy. I also knitted a pair of fuzzy feet, which is nothing but a big sock, and now I’m on the first actual, real sock. However, I’m only knitting the gusset now, so it will be a little bit before I can tell you for sure if I did okay without taking a class!

But Silver’s tutorial helps, as do the videos on this site! I think you can do it, but there sure have been a few times I thought it would be very nice to have someone in person tell me what I’m doing or need to be doing next.

All depends on how you are with figuring stuff out.

I would at least try to knit them on your own first. Silver’s sock class, found here is a great tutorial. Many people have knit their first socks using this awesome resource. It’s full of pictures and it’s really easy to understand.
If you need more help, then you could sign up for the class!

I learned how to knit socks on two circulars from the companion book to “A Good Yarn” by Debbie Macomber. I made Lydia’s Socks on size 3 needles and Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. I didn’t know anything about density of fabric then, just that I was using what the pattern called for.
I finished that pair on my own without having to take any class at all.
However, I don’t ever wear those socks because they hurt my feet when I walk on them!

The best thing I ever did after that was to buy a copy of “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch. That book is worth the money you pay for it as you learn all about gauge, how to calculate your cast-on using measurements, etc.

While I was knitting my first socks, I went to the LYS and found others there that were taking the sock classes they offered. They would get a certain point, then have to stop because they had a problem and needed to wait for class so they could ask the teacher. I’m glad I didn’t have any such problems…lol.

You can do it on your own if you already know how to knit and purl.
Get yourself a couple of basic sock books such as the one I mentioned and go for it!

I agree with the others to try Slver’s tutorial and the ones on this site. If you can read patterns for other projects you should be able to follow a good sock pattern. I am self taught and found socks no more difficult than sweaters or afghans.

even if you didn’t need the help! :slight_smile: I like to find people to knit with!


Thanks everyone. I think you all have convinced me to try socks on my own. I have looked at Silver’s tutorial and I am going to give it a try. She probably tells you what needles and yarn to use or at least suggestions. Of course, the social aspect is something to consider and [B]having [/B]to go to my LYS every two weeks would certainly be a plus! But I will give it a try on my own first. I’ve almost finished this first sweater, child’s size 4, all by myself! I will go out this weekend and get my sock stuff!! Thanks for the advise! :thumbsup:

I just checked out Silver’s sock class. Great tutorial!
I’m about to buy that–it comes with the yarn, the needles and a book, so if nothing else, I get all the supplies out of it. I have a feeling that I am going to end up using silver’s tutorial for my first one, but th ebook will be a nice reference for the future.

Silver’s sock class is all ya need to understand the basics of sock construction.

I agree with everyone else. My first sock was actually the training sock from, but my first REAL socks were knit with the help of Silver’s tutorial. Very well-written, clear, concise and she lists so many needle sizes and yarn sizes that it’s likely you have SOMETHING you can already knit with without running to the shops. :slight_smile: