Should i start over or can I fix the size somehow

Hello everyone…
After doing countless scarfs and other rectangular projects I started to do my first ever easy knit cardigan.
In my normal fashion, i couldn’t be asked to do a little square at the beginning.
I thought, I am using the very wool the pattern is for, how wrong can it end up…

well i just finished the back and its too big or at least i think its too big.
I think i messed up the shaping slightly, I just didnt understand it.

Now I can just start over again or try to make the two fronts for a smaller size.
I just worry if i make it for smaller size it will end up in disaster anyway…

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
If you make the fronts a smaller size, you’ll have problems at the armholes and shoulders. Better to start over.
Lay the back out on a table or the floor and measure it to make sure it’s not right. No sense ripping it out if it’s ok.

Consider the back as a large gauge swatch and count the number of sts in 4 inches and the number of rows. The stitch count will tell you whether you need to change needle size to get the correct gauge.
It’s happened to most of us before so figure, lesson learned, always do a gauge swatch.