Should I redo it?

I’m making a vest in the round from a flat pattern. I made a gauge swatch using straight needles and got 18 sts per 4 inches, which is what the pattern wanted. However, when I started working on it using circs, I found out when I already did 10 inches from the start that I’m getting 21 sts, which makes a 2.5 inch difference in the width. My question is, should I …

  1. Start all over again using a larger needle
  2. Start all over again, but this time using straights
  3. Continue with the work and fix the problem by blocking it in the end…that way I can stretch it out a bit? Will it look bad?

Honestly, I don’t really want to unravel the work, but I’m not sure if it will look good if I stretch it in the blocking process :think:

If your yarn is an acrylic or a blend, it won’t stretch out that much, wool might - I don’t have a lot of experience with it and blocking. As for whether to start over, it depends on how you feel. Using the same size straight needles might give you the right gauge, it’s hard to tell. I’ve started over on things that were nearly finished because sometimes it is hard to tell what size they’re going to end up until you’ve got quite a bit of it done. Even when you think you’re going to have the right size.

Since it’s 100% wool, I’ll try blocking it and see how it goes.

You can block what you’ve already got knitted to see if it helps… put it on scrap yarn and block. If you get the right size, keep going.

Is the sweater itself going to have any ease? If it’s already going to be fitted it might be too tight. But if it’s a loose fitting sweater you might be okay.

This is a neat trick, and shows you how to knit a gauge swatch in the round without actually casting on all the stiches.

When you do cast on, be sure to check your gauge frequently. If you do re-knit, I would do it on circs. Straights might get too heavy.

I already unravelled it and am now doing it all over again. Since Sue said it depends on how I feel, I thought about it and I guess if I kept doing it I would continue to panic, since I wouldn’t know if it would come out okay or not. So I’ve unraveled it and am now feeling much better that I did :happydance:

And Nik, you’re right, I forgot about the ease. I would really have to add a lot more inches for that, so it would be better to redo it.

Good. Once you’ve made a decision and know what went wrong, it’ll go a lot easier this time - on your needles and inside you. :slight_smile: