Should I order more? Do I have enough?

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I am knitting Tempting from Knitty. The original patter calls for a 7 skeins of yarn for a total yardage of 686 yds. I am subbing Swish superwash. 7 skeins of Swish total 770 yds. Sounds like enough right?

Well I have completely used one ball and so far it only measures 3 inches. I realize as I get further in the weight will pull it down some. Do you think I have enough or should I order an extra skein or two?


is your gauge different than what is listed for the pattern?

I did a lot of reading on knitalongs and other question threads for the pattern before I started. Most people were of the mind that with it being all ribbing it was uber important. So, no, I didn’t swatch! :oops: By my estimate I have 100 yds to play with. I also have plenty of time. I am only 4 inches in. So maybe an extra ball wouldn’t hurt?

It’s my personal philosophy that an extra ball never hurts, anytime. But that’s just my neurosis kicking in. :oops:

Her pattern says that you can get a 26" long top out of 7 balls, 686 yds / 26" = 26.4 yds per inch.

3 inches = 79 yds.
4 inches = 106 yds … roughly

Probably wouldn’t hurt to get one more ball. :slight_smile:

Wow, Carol. Thanks for the math. I will get one more ball and of course this gives me a reason to shop at knitpicks! Thanks for the help.