Should I knot this?

I’m working on this shawl for a co-worker. It calls for 3 skeins of the yarn. I just finished the first skein, and now I’m trying to decide if I should knot the new skein in, or weave it in. I’m hesitant to weave it in because it’s such a delicate yarn and also because I’m making very loose stitches. I’m pretty sure it would unravel quickly. Any suggestions?

well personally i would knit it because of the looseness and the fact that there are all sorts of knotted pieces throughout anyway as part of the design. just make it a longer knot and i think it would look like the other pieces.

now, that being said…color me jealous cuz NONE of my LYS (well i haven’t tried Touche i guess but her store is too small to carry toooo much) carry big net and i WANT to make that shawl. I think i am going to have to break down and order it…but not until i have other stuff done. Are you doing it in that color?

I’m assuming you meant “knot”, right? And yes, it’s the same color. She had briefly changed her mind, saying that she wanted it in black. But when we got to the LYS (she came along since she bought the materials), she fell in love with the ivory. It’s coming along nicely, altho I don’t like how the edges are curling under. But I guess once it’s finished, it won’t be so bad.

aaah yes, i am sorry, i did mean Knot… :rollseyes:

definitely post a picture when you are done, i love love love that pattern!

Oh, I definitely will! And thanks for the help:)

psssst…there are others that are gasping as they read this that i would suggest knotting…lol. maybe they can help with ideas of how to keep it from unravelling when the stitches are so loose though. i have a scarf like thing i have been working on occasionally that i am knitting on 17s. the yarn is pretty delicate so i would think trying to weave it would be near to impossible but maybe there is something i am not thinking of… :thinking:

Oh, go ahead and knot. It’s really NOT a sin. Sometimes its necessary. :wink:

Hehe, as long as it’s not a “Deadly Sin” of knitting, huh?

Shh! Some people around here might think so, but we’re rebels, are we not? :oo:

:roflhard: Y’all crack me up! I’m so excited I found KH!