Should I keep going?

Hello knitters,

Is this worth it? I’m knitting a cowl (I think) in herringbone stitch. It’s a lot harder than I thought…and I’m wondering if you think it’s worth it. Should I just knit, or is this herringbone worth it?


It looks lovely, but if you’re not enjoying knitting it, then maybe try something else.

The ‘My So-Called Scarf’ pattern has a similar result, but I find it is pretty easy to do.

•Row 1: K1 sl1, K1, yo, psso two stitches on right needle K1.
•Row 2: P2tog, do not slip stitches off the needle, purl the first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle
•Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you run out of yarn.

It does look lovely but if it’s become tedious to work on, then maybe it’s time to move on. Ingrid’s pattern sounds like fun to do and there are plenty of others available. Al least put the cowl down for awhile, do something else and then take a fresh look at it and decide.

How much more do you have to do for this to be complete? If you’re over halfway, you might go ahead and finish it.

It looks great so far!!

I’m trying to figure out the repeat on this. I come up with a multiple of 3 + 2, is that correct?

No it’s a 2 stitch repeat really and should be done on an even number of sts. On row 1 k1, then repeat the sl 1 k1, yo psso which only uses 2 sts. The yo doesn’t use a st and the psso is just moving the slip st over the knit and yo so you still have 2 sts on the right needle. Repeat that until the end of the row and k1 which matches the first k1

Row 2 is p2tog, then purl the first st only - the p2tog uses 2 sts but leaves 1 on the R needle and when you purl the first on again, you end up with 2 sts.

This is a pretty dense stitch so go up about 3 or 4 needle sizes to make it soft and drapey instead of stiff.

I tend to agree with others. It is lovely, but if you are not enjoying it, and you have a long way to go, I’d switch to another pattern.

Well, I kept going…I feel like it’s a knitting challenge! I’m going for it, for now. Will keep you posted!

I agree with Ingrid. You should never continue a project you dislike doing. It kinds of puts you off knitting as a whole and you certainly never finish the project. Do something with the lovely yarn you enjoy knitting instead

In general I agree with Ingrid, but I had a project much like yours when I first began knitting. In hindsight I see that I bit off more than I could chew at the time, but I stuck with it and wound up with a precious baby sweater for the time, effort, and yes, frustrations.

Sometimes accepting the knitting challenge is a good thing! I’m looking forward to hearing how your journey with your project progresses! :slight_smile:

I might be chiming in too late…but my answer is YES! Keeping g oing! It’s really classy looking, and most unusual for a cowl! Not run-of-the-mill at all. Not same-o same-o!

I really love it!