Should I Introduce Myself Here?

Hello! My name is Cali! I am a 23 year old mom in Ohio. I learned the knitting basics when I was 8 and our decision to cloth diaper our son brought me back to it! I have relearned and I am now making “longies” wool or acrylic to go over cloth diapers! I would love to learn new skills, but right now I have six pairs of pants to complete as testers before I can open up shop! I recently purchased the denise interchangable kit, I am eager to use it! So I am off to knit!

[color=blue]Welcome! :hug: This is a great site… warm and friendly folks! :heart:

Welcome - I just signed on this month too!

LOVE this site. Very helpful, warm, wonderful folks here.

Wanda be Knitting

[color=indigo]Bienvenue, chere![/color] :hug:



Hello! :waving:

Welcome Cali! I promise you’ll love it here! :hug:

Welcome! This is the best site ever!


:cheering: Welcome! It’s really fun here. :cheering:

:waving: Glad to have you here

I’m just going to post a really boring Welcome!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:muah: Welcome, Cali! :muah:

I’m pretty new here too, but you’re going to love this site! Everyone is so helpful and nice here.

Hi-dee-hoo Cali :waving: This is the best site ever help and friendly support.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx