Should I get more emoticons?

Should I get more emoticons for this forum?..

…Or admit I already have an emoticon addiction, and go seek help?!

If you have any emoticons you consider “must haves” for this forum, go ahead and share them here. We’ll see how the poll goes, but if we want more, I’ll consider the best y’all have to offer!

I voted a few more rows… but I am somewhere between there and there are never to many. Because there is indeed to many (I’ve seen it!) but I also loved a good variety!

i think we need an emoticon for every possible occasion.

lol hilde…i love emoticons i just tend to get too lazy to use them most of the time. annnnnnnnnnd i lose patience with trying to figure out what people are saying when they replace words with them to where i just don’t read the posts but i luuuuuuuuuuuuv me some emotes…lol. so yeah…one for any possible situation that could come up would be wonderful…hehehe

:drool: MORE MORE MORE MORE!! :drool:

I think we could use the following:
pulling out hair
happy bouncing balls of yarn
more depictions of frustration
more depictions of happiness
innocent look
batting eyelashes
a “model” (doin a little turn on the catwalk)
a shopper
dollar signs
thowing a screaming crying FIT on the floor

Not that I HAVE any to show you, of course! :oops:

everybody who knows me would be able to tell you that i need a giggler! heheehe

[size=7]I LOVE SMILIES!!![/size]

I have to agree with Nuno. I’d personally go for between 24 and a bunch more. I also gotta say, Silver has some really cool ones on that post that I can think of good uses for already.


Well as far as emoticons go, I suppose one could never have too many considering that we as people have an endless array of emotions. and Amy, if it really IS an addiction, I have an appointment slot open for you at any time, just one thing though, How does that make you feel? :roflhard:

I guess you could call me the resident psycho…logist, yeah, :slight_smile:

More more more!

Like Kelly said we need one for every occasion!

Maybe you could have two emoticon links to divide them up a bit. So you have ‘View more Emoticons’ and ‘View even more Emoticons’.

Or you could sort them by type … happy smilies, sad smilies, mad smilies, Ba ba ba ba baad smilies :eyebrow:

I wouldn’t mind a few more either! There have been a few times when I have searched in vain to find that perfect smilie that exactly says what I feel! :crying:

So more more more! :cheering:

MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! You can hang out on my couch if you think that will help therapy-wise.

LOL. THanks for the Couch offer Rorshach, I knew I could count on you. :smiley: But amazingly, it appears my addiction is not a bad thing; according to the poll! Thank for the input y’all!

I’ll add a handful more soon. I will probably rearange them to cluster like ones near each other for easier searching; although the top 20 are the ones that are the quick-click ones, so those will be sorted out.

I put together a collection of ones i wanted to add, but my computer crashed and I have to go collect them again. So may be a little bit.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: As is well known…I :heart: :heart: :heart: the little creatures & say :thumbsup: on all that you can get!!
bye :waving:
have a :XX: :XY: but not too much :frog: kinda week

I subscribe to another forum that uses BBCode, and they have some cute emoticons. I don’t know how all this works, but you can check out theirs right here. I think I like this one best