Should I frog and restart?

I started a lacy alpaca scarf a few days ago and I made a mistake somewhere and sort of shifted the pattern over a bit, I kept knitting a couple of rows hoping it wouldn’t be noticeable, but it was. I frogged up until before I made the mistake and have the right number of stitches on the needles, but I can’t figure out which row I’m on. There’s only two rows to repeat, but the alpaca is so fine and I think some of the stitches are twisted, so I can’t figure it out. Should I just frog and restart. or try and figure it out???

So frsustrating!

How far along are you?

One problem with these lacy type articles it seems like twists in sts can really affect the pattern a lot.

I’m only a few inches into it, so it’s not tragic, but yes, it’s pretty frustrating…

:psst: A life line is your best friend in this situation. . .

Ingrid’s right. Put in a lifeline after EVERY pattern repeat. Saves mucho time and frustration.

If its bothering you enough to ask then I would frog it if I were you.:shrug:

Ditto to what Jeremy said.

I get lost if I have to frog…assuming I can get the needles back in, that is. :hair: I’m considering using a lifeline in everything, lace or otherwise, for this very reason. I’m also hoping that experience will improve my frogging technique. :wink: Good luck!

How do you put in a lifeline? I need to do so on something but have yet done so…

As for the to frog or not to frog… I feel your pain. I don’t have a wise answer.

To put in a lifeline, thread some smooth, thin yarn on a tapestry needle. Dental floss even works. Slide it through all the stitches that are on your needle. It works well and easily to put it through the little V at the bottom of the loop. Leave it in there as you knit and it will be there if you need to frog.

Just make sure you remember at which row you put it in so you know where to restart.

You can put it in at each repeat, or before a row that you find particularly difficult, and take it out after the next lifeline is put in.

Sorry to Hijack…but Wow I’m so glad I read this post. I learn something new all the time on this site. :muah:Thanks

If you have knit picks options needles, you can also put the thread in the little hole on your needle and just knit. The thread follows your knitting!