Should I finish this?

I found this in my stash box, from a year ago.

Trying to remember what or why…I think it was to be a scarf for my 4-year old grand-daughter. I made up the pattern, hoping for a narrow band across the back of neck, with a cozy wider part across her little chest. It’s stockinette 5 rows, alternating by beginning with a purl row every sixth…for a warmer, and stretchy texture to it.

HOWEVER! …using sock yarn and size 2.5mm needles, it’s taking forever.
AND! I just came across a snag in the yarn, so I had to rip back, and noticed that the yarn itself is unravelled in about 4 inches of it.
THEN! daughter told me that her children are not allowed to wear scarves to school.

SO! My question to you is: should I bother to continue? there are other projects calling to me, and I’m not even sure if this is wear-worthy.

I don’t know what I was thinking! but I put so very many hours of knitting into it…

do you ever keep on with a project even though you know halfway through that you shouldn’t have begun it?

and moreover: is it dumb? looking like a strange alien thing? Is there a ‘hall of uglies’ I can donate it to? What would you do?

It’s pretty, but if you’re not even positive what it is I’d frog it and reuse the yarn. :thumbsup:

Sure is pretty yarn! Follow your heart!

Make it into a purse !!! I do that with a lot of flat pieces that are not really working out how I want them to !!!

I do not think your scarf is dumb. I do, however, think it’s dumb that they aren’t allowed to wear scarves to school! This is the craziest rule I’ve ever heard! :noway:

The reason for the ‘no-scarves rule’ is that kids let them dangle outside their coats and are in danger of being strangled ( under wheels of buses, or on climbing structures, or by bullies who grab at such dangling scarves). Apparently a serious accident did happen once.

Frogging this yarn leaves it super-curly, and a purse would stretch, as these ‘tubes’ in the pattern are very stretchy. Maybe it would be good to carry knitting in. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I think I’ll make a bag.


the idea of the scarf is ok. Just: kids are not quite tolerant to “alternative garment ideas” - they like it “as everyone else has it!” - just my opinion.

But since you have put in so much work, you could make it into a hat, real easy.
one of my favorite easy baby hats is t-shaped: you cast on enough stitches to go from chin to chin of the baby / child and frame the face (like a hood). after you have knit enough to cover the top of the head, you cast off about 1/3 on each side and knit the middle on. when the middle has reached the sidelength that is equal to the cast off edges: cast it all off. then you sew the sides of that “t-beam” to the cast of parts: hat is done. (you can add a strap to tie)

if I see your project: your “T-beam” is already longer than that. You could just frog a few rows down to get the ratio right. If it then is too short over all, you can always pick up stitches around the bottom edge after you sew it up and knit an edge onto it.

That would surely look nice!

Result: work saved (almost all of it), piece made, wearable in school, since hats are surely not forbidden, everyone happy! (and you have yarn left - maybe make her pulse warmers to go with it!)

Since kids are basically little monkeys without fur I think they are better off with something that doesn’t dangle or have loose ends. :lol: Better a cowl type garment or a warm turtleneck if they need something.

I’ve run across a few (and I’m sticking with that) projects like this too. For me, if they’ve sat for a year I’m usually not likely to go back to it. If I no longer am excited about knitting whatever it is, I have no qualms about ripping it out. If I don’t like the yarn anymore either, I’ll donate it to someone who does. That’s just me, but I’ve learned not to make myself knit something I’m not enjoying. Knitting is for pleasure, not another something I have to do.

just my .02. :slight_smile:

Well said, WandaT!

:roflhard: Jan…monkeys without fur!!! Hilarious! And so true.

I would take the smaller end and fold it over…make a button hole so you can sew a button on to it…and then use it for a towel in the kitchen. One of those kinds you hang over your oven door.

Or hang it on a dowel rod and put it on the wall, as an OJECT D’ART. It is awfully pretty!

AND…I think we should add one more category to the forum…A posting spot for all our unfinished items …I have several too!


I have had many projects that I’ve put down for one reason or another and then just frogged. I agree with Wanda…knitting is supposed to be relaxing and fun. If you don’t remember needle size, yarn used, what the heck it was… let it go. :thumbsup:

WandaT said and I guess I now agree, after looking at this thing for days and not picking it up…

Knitting is for pleasure, not another something I have to do.

To be honest, I think your daughter is lying. I would ask the school principal yourself to see if this is true. Your daughter is probably embarrassed to wear the scarf.

I like it though. I think the pattern is beautiful!:thumbsup: