Should I felt a cable pattern?

I’m making myself a pair of Urban Necessityglittens and on the cap there is a simple cable design. I’m planning on felting these to a degree and I wonder if, after felting, the design will be visible so I’m coming to the experts. WWYD?

I’m doing a Cleo Clutch that’s cabled and felted. It will work, but your cables won’t be a pronounced.

I couldn’t find my pattern that I’m working on, but here’s one of slippers that are cabled and felted.

I asked someone the same question and they told me that they would have to be a large cable for it to show well.

I’m going to try that one of these days.

That’s exactly why I wondered about this. It’s a very tiny cable, just a combo of C2F & C2B that eventually forms a diamond pattern, something like this:


and so on until the diamond is created. Here’s a link to the chart so you’ll have a better idea.

I think if you don’t do to much felting it shows better. Here is a cable purse Sharon felted(just a little) and the cable shows up great. Lighter and brighter also seems to show better.

Here is a bag with that is cabled and then felted:

These cables stand out so well because a contrasting yarn was used to embroider around the cables. Something you could consider if you really want the cable pattern to “pop” after felting :slight_smile:


I never thought about embroidering around it - that’s a fabulous idea. Thanks everyone; I’m gonna go ahead w/the design. :slight_smile:

Unless it’s a big chunky knit with a large cable, I don’t think I would do it.