Should I buy this knitting machine? Anyone use one? How hard is it!

Hi! I found this knitting machine that is pretty reasonably priced. It’s from/made in the early 90’s by Phildar. A local store has agreed to take my knits and I’m thinking I could produce stuff a lot faster…
but I don’t know how hard they are, these machines, and if I would like it. This one’s not electronic (I think), it’s a bulky whatever that is and I also think it might not be too complicated.

But I’d hate to buy it and then hate it. What do you think?
Here’s a picture if you’d like to look at it.

Well, first off, it’s a 9mm machine, made for bulky yarns. Is that what you had in mind?

You can’t move too fast on these machines at first, though it’s still faster than hand knitting – you can speed up as you know what you’re doing, but there’s a bit of a learning curve. I really like mine, but more complicated stuff involves moving all the stitches around, and that just made me feel like I could do some things as quickly on needles (ribbing, lace, cables) as on the machine. But for st st, nothing beats it but a better knitting machine!

Thanks for the info/opinion Zina! I didn’t realise it was only for builky yarn (even though it said bulky ha). The owner wrote me today that’s it’s sold unless he doesn’t get the check in the mail. I probably wouldn’t want one that’s exclusively for builky knits, I don’t do much of them at all. I’m looking at some other machines on ebay but it seems there’s a lot to learn. I’d like to go see one in person, maybe I’ll try that somewhere. Thanks again!

Just out of curiosity…why do you want a knitting machine?

Hi Jan! Well, both my husband and I are now out of work and still looking. In the meantime, I knit everyday and just recently, a friend of mine took over this little country store in the village where our house is. Sooo, she took 6 hats from me to try and sell and told me she needs bunches of scarves, and a lot more hats…

and my wrists are getting tired already. I really enjoy making stuff everyday, and I thought it might be quicker to make simple things to sell on an easy machine. I don’t know much about them, and I don’t think I would like a complicated electric type one but I am going to go have a gander at them and see how appealing they and the finished product is.

There’s a long answer for your short question! :wink:

They sell the Bond at Joann’s, if you wait for a 50% off, they’re not too dear. That’s how I got my second one to add to the first one my sister gave me after she ran out of room for craft stuff at her house. I really like mine! There’s some things I just prefer to do by hand, but for plain old st st, there’s nothing faster. (Even though going slower is faster on a knitting machine until you’re used to it.) Two words for you, though, to make your knitting machine life a lot easier: silicone spray. :slight_smile: You’ll see why!

That makes sense! Good luck to you! :thumbsup:

Thanks again Zina! I’ll look at those and watch for a coupon. Silicone spray huh? By the way, your blog is fantastic, I’ve learned so much already. (love the backwards knitting video!) Especially worth reading and knowing is the signs for a stroke, I emailed that to my husband and we’ve both memorized the signs. We have a friend who had a stroke. It’s such important stuff. Good for you for posting that. Also, your life sound verrrry interesting. Wish I could visit Ireland right now!

Yeah, and it’s cool that they’ve got the tongue hint now too! It’s just turned cold and wintry and windy here, so be glad you’re not here! :slight_smile: See if the Joann’s near you might be running any classes for the knitting machines – sometimes they have them on the schedule if Caron is working with them that season. You might be able to try it out before buying. Have you found their website yet? They have lots of free patterns and such. The stuff on their charity program is fantastic!

I just got a coupon at Joann’s for this weekend – 50% off on one item so you may want to be on lookout. I got it when I bought something on Saturday so you may want to go there and see if you can get one.

Good luck.