Should I buy "The Opinionated Knitter" book?

I’m thinking of buying Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Opinionated Knitter” book. If you have it can you tell me what you like about it? :shrug: It cost around $30.00 and that’s not including the shipping so it would be an expensive book compared to most of all the other books that I own. So convince me on why I should buy this book! :cheering: Thanks!

I don’t have this particular book, but I do have others from Elizabeth Zimmermann. What I love most about her books is her prose. What does that have to do with knitting? Maybe not much, but I have learned a lot from her, just picking up little things from her writing. The Opinionated Knitter is on my wishlist. One of these days. If you’re looking for a cheaper EZ book, you might want to try Knitting Without Tears. It still has a lot of really good tricks and tips presented in a way that only EZ can do.

A friend gave me an older copy of “Knitting Without Tears” and that was even before I knew who Elizabeth was. The book belong to a friend of her’s who passed away and they were sorthing thru her stuff. My friend knows I knit so thought I’d like the book.

I borrowed EZ’s books from the library. They were definitey worth reading, but I don’t really see them as “must have” books that’d I’d refer to over and over again or anything. If your local branch doesn’t have the one you’re interested in, you can probably get it through interlibrary loan. Why not give it a test drive before deciding whether or not a purchase is warranted?

I bought this at Purl and swapped it later on Knitty, it’s a very nice, chatty knitting book, and I loved looking at the photos, but if you own knitting without tears, or knitters almanac, the patterns aren’t that different.

If I needed to by one EZ book it would be knitting without tears,

If I had a limited budget I’d buy knitters almanac (dirt cheap!)

If money wasn’t an issue, I would buy OP, it’s nice to have around.

I bought it for the surprise jacket patterns rather than buying the patterns singly. But I wouldn’t have been able to make the jacket without having the pattern spelled out for me by the BSJ yahoo group (you must purchase the pattern to gain access to the group.) The book includes tips such as how to add pockets and it includes reproductions of all of EZ’s newsletters from 1958-1968.

The patterns are difficult for me to follow as stated, yet I’m happy to have it because I’m a book fiend. Maybe you could put it on your Christmas list?