Should I block as I go along?

Hi all,

I’m knititng the Berroco Gail pattern in my siggy and I’m almost finished the back of it. Its done in stockinette stitch so it’s very curly. I’m wondering if I should block/ steam each piece as I finish it. Additionally, which method do you guys prefer for blocking?

Thank you for your help.


I’d probably wait to block. You’ll want to compare the length of the fronts to the back and if it’s blocked you wouldn’t get an accurate comparison.

I haven’t blocked cotton. When I block wool, I wet it and lay it out. That should work with the cotton, too. If you used the yarn called for in the pattern, it says it’s machine washable, delicate, so you should be able to wet block it, no problem. Wash it by hand, roll it in towels to get the most moisture out, then lay it flat to size. If it tries to curl, you can pin it down.

Thank you for your help! I actually forgot to include the type of yarn I used. It is Austerman Mayfair 60% Viscose Rayon Microfibre/ 40% Acrylic. Would that make a difference for the blocking?

Thanks again!

It may not block as well as cotton. :thinking: Since you have ribbing at the bottom, and the sides will be seamed, curling shouldn’t be a problem in the end. I’d knit it, seam it, and then try to block it if I felt it needed it.

Thank you so much. I’ll give it a try.