Should cabled hat be blocked?


I’m not sure if this is a dumb question or not, haha!

In between long stretches of my Doctor Who Scarf knitting, :knitting: I’m making the Basic Cable Cap from the HeadHuggers site using Malabrigo Worsted Weight Yarn.

With a cabled cap should I worry about blocking?

I made another cap this week as well with the same yarn and it seems to fit fine, would there be benefits to blocking it anyways?

Even without cabled stitches, should I always block wool caps?

Thanks so much for help! :muah:

Personally, if a hat fits, I say wear it. :shrug:

Excellent, Ingrid!:thumbsup:

I think I WILL! Uh, wear it, that is, heehee!

I made this cap last winter and it looked just fine without blocking it, so I didn’t. I made a similar cap for my son last winter, and it sort of blocked itself to the shape of his head as it got damp from melting snow and and then dried.