Should buttonholes not be vertical?

I just watched Amy’s video on one row buttonholes, and thanks to her I got it right the first try. I’m starting a cardigan and plan to pick up and knit the front bands. Horizontal buttonholes wouldn’t work. Will veritcal buttonholes be OK? Is there a reason for them to always be horizontal?

I don’t see why not really. After all there are patterns with button bands added afterward.

I think horizontal ones are popular because the buttons don’t pop out as easy or pull the buttonhole out of shape if the sweater is tighter.

Did you look at button bands on Ravelry?

I wondered about things like that. It won’t be tight, I thoroughly dislike tight clothes. There are just so many things I don’t know, and with a wealth of experience available here, I’ve decided why risk it. Thanks, Jan!

There certainly is a lot of help here! I’ve been knitting for uhh… just 7 yrs now so lots more experience is out there.

I’m working on the Girl Friday cardigan right now. I’m not to the button bands yet (my first time doing them!), but they are picked up and worked in one piece with the collar. And it looks like they’re vertical. You BO three stitches going around once, then CO three stitches coming back. It’s a reasonably snug sweater on most people and the vertical buttonholes don’t seem to be an issue.

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Since I’ve never done button bands/buttonholes before, isn’t it actually possible to do horizontal buttonholes even if you pick up the button band to work it? I’m assuming you’ could just bind off, then join a small ball of yarn between each hole, much like you’d BO and join to work the two sides of a neckline or to make the holes for the legs of a dog sweater. Granted, I also assume this would be a pain in the butt with all those little balls of yarn, but it would only be for a few rows. Is my logic correct?

You don’t usually join another ball of yarn when doing buttonholes, just BO on one row and CO on the next row, they aren’t knit over several rows. That makes them horizontal to the direction of knitting, which on a band that’s pick up along the edges would make them vertical to the sweater.

I meant horizontal as in parallel to the floor, not the direction of the knitting. (Realize that they’re horizontal to the knitting direction as a rule.) Just seems it would be possible to make them horizontal (parallel to the floor) even even if you were picking up to knit the button bands, which would as a rule make the buttonholes vertical (perpendicular to the floor) if you were using multiple balls. Not necessary, not efficient, but possible, correct?

It’s possible, and I see what you mean now - make them like slits in the knitting. Far too tedious and I’m not sure they’d work that well.

It’d be kind of tedious, but couldn’t you knit up to where the buttonhole was supposed to stop, work back and forth until you got the height, then do the same on the other side? I know you can do other kinds of holes that way, so why not buttonholes? Unless that would make the hole too wide for the size button you’re using. I suppose that could be a problem. But if the band runs in the opposite direction that kind of makes it a moot point because… well you’d be defeating the purpose of making them vertical.

That’s a cute cardi. I might try it since the pattern was written with a size big enough for moi even. I need extra room up front in my sweaters but the pattern might allow for enough ease that I could skip short rows for once in my life. Have you seen Amy’s Knitting one-row button holes video? It really is easy to follow if you’ve not done buttonholes like this before. Last night when I tried it I decided I want to use them.

I’ve done the eyelet style (yo, k2tog) buttonholes before and can use them. I think trying to do the horizontal ones knitting the bands as I plan to do would make for too many loose ends. I’m not knitting the bands then seaming them on to avoid seaming and as many loose ends as possible. The ideas here are interesting and might be useful in another project, another time. I love that new ideas come out in these threads and help me think about things in a different way.

I’m considering how to do the pockets. I’m working bottom up, no side seams, and think I’ll do the kangaroo style pockets; I have to decide before I finish the 3x1 ribbing for the bottom (it didn’t curl on my swatch, will it when it’s actually a sweater bottom?) because I’ll do the slip stitch double knitting thing to make the pockets as I go up. I’m also wanting to incorporate a little bit of something other than stockinette in the front and I’m thinking a few sets of simple slip stitch might be what I’ll do.

One of the reasons for vertical buttonholes on a front placket in sewing and it’s true for knitting as well is the width of the buttonhole band. Usually it’s not wide enough to allow the horizontal buttonholes plus knit fabric on either side of the hole. Plus, although they could be done with extra balls of yarn or by knitting each section one at a time, it’s certainly more painful to do.
The buttonhole here works very neatly for a vertical opening.

No, although I’ll probably watch a few when I get to that part of the sweater. The pattern instructions are just to BO going one way, CO going the other, which sounds simple enough in theory. But my COs in the middle of rows like that (underarms, thumbholes, etc.) are never as neat as I would like so I will certainly be looking for tips to make them nice.

Thanks. That’s what I’m thinking I’ll do when I get there. I just couldn’t recall seeing anything knitted with vertical buttonholes and wondered if there’s a reason. Now I might notice vertical buttonholes everywhere.

I love the look of that “girl friday” sweater, awesome!