shortening sleeve whilst knitting

I looked up on this site how to shorten sleeves and like your link salmonac which I will attempt to do on first finished sleeve. I have short arms apparently.
Before making the other sleeve is there a way of shortening the sleeve whilst knitting it without altering the increasing of the sleeve to fit the arm hole of the main body?

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This may not be what you’re asking for but I happened to have this link open for myself to recalculate a decrease row on a sweater.
If you scroll down there is a calculator for increasing or decreasing for sleeves (depending on working up or down) so you can make your chosen length of sleeve in your own gauge of knitting, keeping the pattern instructions for cuff and sleeve cap and just altering the bit in-between.

If you’ve already made 1 sleeve I would think it might be better to make the second in the same way as the first, or else frog the first and remake both sleeves the same with the new calculation or you could end up with odd sleeves. (I’d make the second sleeve before froggjng the first to compare the and decide which you prefer).


Yes, I often have to shorten sleeves from the pattern length. Decide how long you want the sleeve to be. Measure the width that you want at your wrist or wherever you want the new length to be. You then can convert these the width measurement to stitch numbers using your stitch gauge.
Now you need to figure out how frequently to work the increases from cuff to armhole or the decreases from armhole to cuff.

Thanks creations for that link…although I don’t understand it at the moment :thinking:

I knitted the correct length up to the arm hole, but after knitting the raglan part it ended up too long. But if I shorten the length of the raglan, then the whole fit will be out?

Thanks salmonmac, as I mentioned to creations, I got the correct length up to the armhole, but after knitting the raglan part, it end up too long :thinking:

Have you double checked your pattern and stitch count and row count etc? Not accidentally followed a different size for the raglan part? Seems a bit odd. That’s not the part that usually needs changing.
Have you put the raglan seams together to see if they are the same size?

I sometimes have trouble with the raglans too. In my case, it’s because I’ve gotten stitch gauge but not row gauge. You need to increase the frequency of the raglan bind offs.
See how many decreases you have over the length you need. These are the extras that you need to fit in. I tend to work more of them near the underarm and then put in a few extra on the more obvious part of the raglan line, maybe work a decrease on the RS and the WS in a few places.

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Thanks. Will I need to alter the raglan shaping on the back and front panels too match the sleeves?

Yes, you’ll need to match up front to one sleeve edge on each side and the same with the back. Check to see that the raglan lines on the front and back match. (Sometimes the sleeves raglans aren’t symmetrical.)

What is the name of your pattern?

:smiley: thank you