Shortening needle tips

Is it possible to shorten Knit Picks Options tips? I got some 3.5" Knitter’s Pride tips which I absolutely love, and I’m wondering about customizing some tip lengths for special projects. Has anyone done it?

I haven’t but I’m curious about what kind of projects you need shorter tips for.

i’m too chicken to customize/cut/etc them. too pricey to replace if/when things go awry…

I really like them for making hats. Especially for closing the top. Plus it allows you to use a shorter cord more easily, so you don’t have to do magic loop until you’re closing the top of the hat.

I might buy a pair of tips to experiment on.

Why wouldn’t you just use magic loop? No destroying needles that way. I’m thinking that it would ruin the finish that makes them so smooth.

If you already have the small needles for 16"… Are you wanting to have needles small enough for 12" cables or something?

Let us know how it works out for you.

It seems to me the needle shaft would have to be cut and somehow put back together. It might be better just to start from scratch and build your own. I think the 3.5" tips would be shorter than I’d want to work with, anything shorter would be really awkward for me.

Jan, I just don’t really like magic loop. And I liked the shorter needle tips just in general, not only for doing smaller projects.

But the shorter tips are only available up to size 10. And I know there’s a limit to how short you can make the tips, depending on how big the needles are, but I’d like a shorter set of 11s.

…also, I’m just curious.