Shorten width of knitted baby blanket

I am a very new knitter - I made a baby blanket toooo wide. Is there a way to take off some of the width of the blanket?

A couple of ideas.

Usually a blanket is longer than it is wide. If the width is more like you would like the length to be, maybe you could rip the length back to where the width should be and use it the other direction.

You can cut across the length of the knitting. It would be rather like doing a steek, only without making a steek (bridge). You could sew along where you would like to narrow, in two parallel lines, with a sewing machine and cut down the middle of this. Then you could pick up stitches along the edge of that and make a border. See the sticky thread on the first page of the How-to Questions forum. Whether it would look real good or not would be the question, but it could be done. This works best with wool, but if well sewn I think you can do it with about any fabric.

Or live with it.

I would say just leave it like it is. The baby will grow into it. It will make a great toddler blanket for years to come. Who knows? Your blanket might be the one the toddler can’t live without.

It’s much easier to shorten the length than the width. Personally I’d just leave it. Different blankets can be used for different things. Tiny ones can be used for car seats and strollers, larger ones can be used for crib or floor. They all work.