Shorten Sweater

I just love asking these types of questions, the only thing that allows me to ask this, is that I know someone else has asked this same question at one time or another. Or, maybe I am the first.
On a bottom up sweater, after it is finished, is it possible to go back and take out the ribbing to shorten the sweater?
It has about three inches of ribbing and I don’t care if I lose it. In my mind I picture just a rolled bind off finish in place of it.
Thanks for any suggestions.
And yep, it sure seemed like the right length before I put the sleeves on.
Still at this knitting thing…

Info here:

Scarf way too long.

If you opt for the above info, you’d not have two working ndls…just one.

Is it possible to shorten a completed sweater?

How to shorten a finshed sweater

Give it as a gift to a taller friend