Shorten a shawl

A friend knitted an amazing shawl for me. The problem is that it is 10’ long! The rows are knitted the long way and it has fringe on the ends. What would be the best way to shorten it? Please help! I want to wear it (and not hurt her feelings) but not wrapped around me three times!

Could you maybe post a picture of it? The link in my signature has acceptable sizes and how to post photos.

This might work, but I’m not sure… Figure out how long you want it, sew along that measurement. Cut about 8-10" away from where you stitched and unravel the sts for a fringe, then trim them to the same length. It may not look the same as the other side though, so you may want to do this on both ends so they match. Just make sure whatever excess you cut off is the same so it doesn’t leave it too short.