Short Snort

Here is the Short Snort. I down sized it for a 4 month old I just cast on 88 Stitches and did the straps 5 inches long. I used Cotton Tots. The baby is coming over this afternoon to try it on.

You HAVE to post pics with the baby, too :wink: !!

That is super cute - gotta see baby in it! =D

Absolutely adorable!

That’s very cute; I’d love to see it modelled by the baby. My baby is four months too, but if I started on this she’d have grown out of it by the time I’d finished. :rollseyes:

Adorable! Great job!

That is cute!!! Great job!


What a great summer top! :cheering:

How adorable! Yes, def get a pic of the little model, too!

:cheering: :cheering: Too cute, love, love short snort tank :wink:

Oh so cute! Good for you on making modifications!

Here is a picture of the baby wearing the top. The picture actually makes it look like it fit a lot better than it actually did. I got the length right, but up top it was really loose, and probaby would never stay in place. It was made with Cotton Tots which is 100% cotton so I told my sister to wash it in hot water and see if that will help.

Cute baby and tank!!!

Where is this pattern?

awwww look! SO cute.