Short Sleeve Cardigan

This is a cotton cardigan and it is suitable for the summer!!!


It is just lovely. Where did you get the pattern?

It is just beautiful! You did a wonderful job – it looks perfect. Very pretty color, too.

How pretty!

I LOVE this cardigan. You did a beautiful job on it. I second the previous question regarding where you got the pattern for this. Also, I really like the yarn and yarn color you used. That is beautiful for this type of sweater. What kind of yarn is it, if I might ask?

Again, gorgeous work! WTG:yay:

Beautiful! And the color is so awesome. I love blue!


That is a very, very, VERY nice sweater - perfect for summer wear, beautiful color, wonderful knitting. I, too, am interested in what pattern this is. Great job!

Thanks All.

This pattern was bought from a shop for about USD4.00 (SGD2.50) in Singapore.

The yarn used is call Super 10. After knitting, the garment is a little heavy…

If you are really keen in the pattern, i can buy and mail it to you… as for payment, let me think how it can work or you have better suggestions!



That looks really lovely!


That looks wonderful

Very cute! I really like the colour.

WOW!! Jakoh, What a beautiful cardigan!:notworthy:
I :heart: it.Well done:cheering: