Short rows

Hello I’m starting on a dead fish scarf project however I’m stuck, can anyone please kindly help me :slight_smile:

Small mouth part:
Row 1: k until 3 sts after sm, W&T;
Row 2: p6, W&T;
Row 3: k2, m1, k1, sm, k1, m1, k3 W&T; (9 st)
Row 4: p 10. W&T;

How do I do the small mouth part, what does the semi colon mean and for row 3 , what do I do for 9st?

Thank you very much!

Does the pattern give you any specific wrap and turn (W&T) directions? Otherwise, there are lots of different ways to execute them with videos all over the web. (Including one here in the free videos section under Advanced Techniques.)

Basically, a W&T means you don’t work all the way to the end of the row before you turn around and start working back to the other end. The wrapping is done in various ways to keep a hole from forming. (Great explanation with illustrations from TechKnitter.)

Semi-colon - means nothing special here. Just a standard punctuation mark, although I’ve never seen it applied that way in a knitting pattern.

(9 st) - That’s the stitch count for the row. You’re increasing by two, so that’s how many stitches you should have at the end. Commonly used in patterns on increase/decrease rows to give you a way to check your work and ensure you got correct number of stitches at the end.