Short Rows

Hello out there I am trying to make a sock monkey and now have come up with a new method I can’t seem to get to make sense while doing it. I also found this method in making socks. I read and reread and still come up with ?. So if anyone can be of help that would be wonderful… The short row instructions read as follows: Bring yarn to front,slip next, turn wrap yarn around slip st and slip same st back onto right-hand needle. On next row, work wrapped st by pickingup wrap and working together with st on left-hand needle. I would love to get this cause I am working on Christmas gifts.

Just follow the instructions step by step. There is a video on short rows here on the Tips page (or Adv Techniques) and this knitty tutorialhas pictures.

Here is a YouTube video, but no sound. Don’t need it!


For more videos, go to and type ‘short rows’ into the search bar. There are more than a dozen helpful videos. They aren’t all the same. Some are very basic, others are a special application of the short rows, like on the heel of a sock.