Short rows

My pattern says leave the following sts on hold at the end of every right side row.
7sts 1 time and 8 sts 11 times. Does that mean a total 95 stitches on hold at the end. Or 7sts once then 8 sts only 11 times. After that instructions bringing back into work all sts previously left on hold 8 sts 11X and 7 sts 1X.
After that it says : to make sure short row shaping doesn’t create step effect when bringing back into work the sts left on hold from one row to the next, pick up the bar of yarn that lies between the st just worked and slip it on to the next left needle and work it together with next st to be worked. The stitches are all garter stitches.

Hi susieq29, Yes, you knit from your starting point to 7 sts before the end,turn your work and knit back to 8sts before the starting point,turn your work and knit back to 8sts before the first turning point on this side,turn your work and knit back to 8 sts before the turning point on this row and so on back and forth until the 11th turn. I use a safety pin to mark the next turning point.

Thanks. You confirmed what I was thinking it meant.

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something to think about, thanks !