Short Rows

I’ve tried to do this hat pattern previously Drops 125-14. (Hope I can mention that) However, I was unable to figure out how she wanted the short rows done. I’ve watched tons of videos on different variations of short rows, but the way she explains it doesn’t make any sense to me. I would still love to make this hat. Is there anyone who could explain what she’s wanting in an intermediate way? I would appreciate it so much.

Just putting the link in for anyone else faster. I’ll have to read it and see how it compares to the book I always have to run to when I do short rows.

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I think it’s just short rows. Their video doesn’t do a good job of explaining picking the wrap up (which is where I always have to hit my book to avoid a hole).

@Mike - Thanks for the link.

I’m pretty sure there is no wrap intended.

When turning mid piece, slip first st and tighten thread before continuing.

I know this works for garter stitch since I did one of their cape patterns in garter and this is the method I used. I’ve not done short rows in the twisted rib pattern; as I understand from reading you’d continue in this pattern.

Work 1 st, turn and work return row.
Work 2 sts, turn and work return row.
and so on until you
Work 28 sts, turn and work return row.

Row 1 would be work 1 stitch, turn, slip it back to the right needle - pull the yarn tight
Row 2: work 2 sts, turn, slip the last stitch back to the right needle - again you’ll want to pull the yarn tight
Continue in this way until you’re using all 28 sts. The number of stitches changes each row so you’ll have to keep track of where you are. I’d print that portion of the pattern and mark off with a pencil when I finish a row.

My go-to method for short rows is German short rows but I don’t know that I’d use them here.

salmonmac will know how to do it, I’m sure. If I’m wrong she’ll let us know.

OK, watched their video again. She moves the yarn to the front as if to purl on the knit side when she turns and then moves it back before slipping so it looked like how I remember wrapping moving it after slipping. I agree, no wrap at least how they’re showing to do it.

I like the German short rows. I wish you could remind me to do that next sweater. Maybe I should put a post it in my book.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. I truly appreciate the detail Gramma. And, I apologise for not posting the link. I’m still new at the site.
But, even with the detail, I’m not grasping the concept of how to begin and what to do in this pattern. It doesn’t work out for me the way the pattern calls for it. I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong when I reach the short rows.

I like the way GG has written out the pattern turns. What are you doing on the first short row and where do you think you’re running into problems?

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