Short rows - yikes!

I am working on a camisole that has short row bust shaping. I have never done them before, but I seemed to be doing fine. I finally finished them and knitted my way across - looked good. I went along on the purl row about halfway, turned the knitting around to look at my short rows, which were supposed to be ‘all but invisible’ according to the pattern and they were - beautiful. I got to the short rows on the purl side and did what I thought I was supposed to - pick up the wrap along with the stitch and knit (or in this case purl) them together as one. Oh dear. It looked awful, and definitely not all but invisible. there was a row of huge bumps in the knitting.

I am frogging it and starting over b/c I will give myself a stroke if I try to pull out the short rows and figure out where all the stitches go. Where did I go wrong?

I’ve been working on a tank with short row shaping and I found that Amy’s video really helped me figure out how to get the wrap just right on the purl side. Scroll down until you find the one with short row with wraps.

I just love Amy’s videos!

Hope this helps!

(who has frogged her Shapely Tank due to unsightly short row wrapping more than once!)