Short Rows with Wrap on Circs - Need it spelled out to me

I watched the video on this site but honestly, I cannot translate it into “circ” directions. LOL

Can someone post a step by step process for knitting in the round doing short rows with wrap?

I am working on a pair of longies (pants). I am at the butt of them and need to do short rows for it.

I have only done one other project before (a pony tail hat) so forgive me for asking for such detailed directions. I am a “have to see it to learn it” person. LOL

The pattern says:

[color=red]Knit 24 stitches and place marker (this will mark the side seam), knit across 48 stitches and place marker (this will mark the other side seam). Knit to end of round.

I suggest that these side seam markers be of a different color than the beginning of round marker, so that it is easy to distinguish.

Knit each round for 5 inches from top of cast on row. [/color]

[color=red]Begin short rows:[/color] [color=red]knit across 14 stitches. Wrap next stitch and turn.

Purl back to 14 stitches past the beginning of round marker.

Wrap next stitch and turn.

Knit to 16 stitches past beginning of round marker. (Be sure to knit the wrap with the stitch it is around when you come to it, to avoid creating holes and to “hide” the wrap) Wrap next stitch and turn.

Purl back to 16 stitches past the beginning marker. Wrap next stitch and turn.

You’ll notice that each time, you are now working 2 stitches past the previous wrap. Continue to work in this manner until you hit the side seam markers.

Then, the short rows are completed and you will return to working stockinette stitch in the round.[/color]

So, I’m guessing even though I am in “the round” I am still turning my work???

I’m SO confused! LOL

Any help is much appreciated! If you have links to videos that show how to knit short rows in the round I’d love to see them!

Thank you!

Sorry I can’t help, but someone should be able to soon.

Yes, when you do the short rows, you will be turning your work as though you were knitting flat. You are building up that area by knitting back and forth for that part of the work. After you’re done, you’ll continue working in the round. Amy’s video should be helpful in explaining the wrap and turn concept.

I’m bumping this post because I need similar help. I understand how to do the short rows on circs by turning the work. However, the last wrap is done on the purl side. then you turn and continue working on the knit side / RS as usual in the round (I watched the video here and I was confused from the beginning since Amy seems to turn and then wrap as opposed to wrap and then turn like I do). So anyway, you’ve turned and now you’re working on the RS with a gap at the short row you last created on the WS. How do you pick this up? I know how to pick up a knit wrap from the knit side (insert needle in front of wrapped stitch and knit it and next st together) and a purl wrap from the purl side (insert needle through back of wrapped stitch and purl it and the next st together), but I don’t know how to pick up a purl wrap from the knit side. I tried both ways and both gave me wonky results. Any ideas? Thanks.

Sometimes you have to fiddle with the wrap and reposition it so it will be on the inside (WS) of the knit stitch it’s wrapped around.