Short rows with seed st

I’m at a section in my current pattern - Knitting at KNoon’s Sun Visor Cap - where I’m doing short rows in the band, which is in seed st.

I’ve never actually worked short rows (with wrap and turn) before, but I thought I had the idea. I must be doing something wrong, because the wrap seems to be pulling at the new sts.

Is this because of the seed st and I have to do something different, or just a general problem I’m having with the w&t? I’d post a picture, but my batteries died and I don’t have any spares. I’m not quite sure how to explain it properly, but hopefully someone will ‘get’ what I’m saying and be able to help.

:think: Does the pattern have you pick up the wraps in the final row? That might alleviate the pulling-in. I’ve never done w&t with anything but stockinette, though.

The pattern says to work the wraps with their corresponding sts.