Short rows questions

I’m working in double seed stitch and need to do short row shaping. I have figured out that working my short rows in a multiple of 4 rows disrupts the pattern the least, and I think I want to start them on the RS. I know from experience that one turns out better than the other, depending on whether it is started on the RS or WS. Do you think it would be better to turn on the first k or p or the second as I come to them getting ready to turn? I think I can work one side of my sweater with the shortest turning row first and then work across it to the next, and so on? I will be doing a total of 8 short rows. I know what I’m thinking and hope I’ve expressed it so that someone else will too.

Is this pattern also known as moss stitch?

I have always heard that moss stitch was this double version and seed stitch was k1p1 version, but they seem to be used interchangeably. :shrug:

Can’t help you with the short row question, sorry!

Rox on Ravelry gives a really good explanation of seed/moss stitch and the variations. This would be US double Moss, the UK name for it is Box stitch.

Unfortunately I’ve never tried short rows in a pattern stitch like this, so can’t give you any input on that either.


If I were either of you I think I’d be glad I’d not had experience with short rows in this pattern stitch. It’s not a lot of fun, I promise you. Thanks for the link to the discussion, Sue, I knew it could be really confusing to use a name for the stitch pattern and decided that a link to the picture was worth 1k words. When I figure it out, I’ll try to remember to let you know how it goes and what I learn in case you ever need to screw around with something so less-than-delightful to work with. :hair:

Interesting. However if you don’t alternate every row or every two rows you end up with ribbing…no?

Right. Either 1x1 or 2x2.

When I worked them before, one side came out not obviously skewed, the other had enough extra of either the Ks or the Ps to stand out. I think the side I started on the RS looked better with less pattern disruption. But yes, it can come out looking like messed up ribbing. By working in a multiple of 4 rows, because the pattern repeat is 4 sts, it worked out pretty well. Or maybe my reasoning is faulty and it’s something else that makes it work out. This time I’m going to work one side to see if it looks OK. If starting on the RS works on that one, I will try working it backwards on the other side, starting with the shorest short row first and then working past it to turn for the next. Geez, I have to be holding it and doing the sts for it to make sense to me, I give up trying to make it make sense here. Anyhow, I saw something about working short rows in a manner which seemed backwards and want to try it. If it doesn’t work I’ll have to use a crochet hook and turn some Ks to Ps and vice versa. I’m determined not to frog the whole thing again. If I don’t make it work, I intend to toss the whole thing.

Hopefully you can get it to work; sometimes things like this need experimenting with and they’ll eventually come out how you want them.