Short rows on first and last needle

I’ve been working on a sock on DPNs with a cable stitch running down the side. The pattern I’m using has a heel flap and gusset, however, I wanted to substitute it with a w&t short rows heel but using it at this point would result in the cable stitch at the back of the sock! The gusset heel is usually worked over the first and last needle so the cast on tail lines up half way through the heel, I was wondering if it’s possible to start a short rows heel like this, so instead of the cast on tail lining up at one end of the heel it lines up in the middle of the heel? Thank you!

I don’t see why not. If doing that and using the short row heel leaves your cable so that it continues along the side. You may want to shift the heel stitches on the needles so that they are all on one needle.
Does the cable continue along the foot or is that plain?
Which pattern are you following?

Hey, I’m using the loves crafts essential cable sock and the cable goes along the foot. I just finished it and it worked out well doing the short rows using the first and last stitches for the heel! Thank you!

Great! We’d love to see a photo.

The sock so far, the short rows turned out well on the left side (shown) but unfortunately I’ve ended up with holes at the joinings on the right side! Hopefully it’s partner will turn out better!

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Looks very nice, indeed! Well done.

Beautiful. Wondering why everyone seems to be knitting socks are these xmas presents? I personally have never worn home made socks.Knit on!