Short rows on both ends

On my Chilly Cardigan for the sweater back, the directions say to work short rows as done on fronts. I don’t know how to work short rows on each end of a 135 stitch row. When I look it up online, all I get is how to knit short rows and that I can do, just not on each end.

Here’s a video that shows how to work short rows on both a knit and a purl side.

This is for German short rows but if you’re working a different kind of short row turn, many of the videos will show the turn at both ends of a row. Which kind of short row turn are you using?


If you truly understand decreases like K2tog/P2tog and SSK/SSP (especially why you change the mounting in SSK and SSP), then Japanese short rows are the most easy ones.

With Japanese short rows you just put a marker (or a bobby pin for easy removal) on the working yarn and turn. The stitch marker will keep a small loop of the working yarn near to the turning point. Next time you pass that place and you need to close the gap you just lift up that loop onto your needle and then you do a decrease in a such way that the stitch on the other side of the gap is on top. Depending on from what direction and if you are on front side or back side of the work, you just need to pick the decrease that achieves this.


This was perfect! I’m using German short rows and the video uses German short rows. I can’t thank you enough for this link. Now I can proceed without guessing if I’m doing it correctly.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I’m actually knitting German short rows and now I understand how to do the short rows on each end of the back of the sweater.