Short row's no wrap and turn tutorial

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Thanks, Tangles, very clear video and nice technique. It’s a kind of shadow wrap and an easier, neater way to do short rows. Good find.

Thank you for sharing this method, I enjoy sharing video’s that help new and seasoned Knitters :grinning:

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I wonder how she does it when she picks up the stitches on the purl side.

Have you tried German short rows? My fave, hands down.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I only posted part 2. Here is the first part :grinning:

She doesn’t show working on the purl side. Usually when I do short rows in flat knitting there are turns and pick ups on both sides of the work.

If you watch it again (first video)
you will see that she does show us how to purl. She knits to where she feels it’s a good place to start the short rows. She puts a stitch marker on two stitches before the turn she then turns the work, slips a stich and then starts the purl side.

I saw that. But if you turn when you’re working the purl side, what then? Frequently with short row shaping you will knit part of the stitches, turn and purl part way back on that row, turn, etc. She only shows what to do when turning on the knit side. I can deduce that she would pin the next two stitches and turn. There is still the problem of what to do when you reach them on the purl side and need to do the pick up.

Your right, after she got through with picking up the extra stiches on the knit side she just turned and finished it up with straight purling to the end. I’m wondering if it’s only used if you were finishing a project at the end. She acts like you don’t need to pick up on the purl side

Here she explains how to do the short row’s on the heels of toe up socks. Let me know if this is what your asking about.

You can see all her videos on YouTube at Tii
Casa Knitting

I think it answers my question well enough. I’m trying to see the advantage to doing the heel this way and the only one I can find is that if you want to do both heels at the same time you can. I’m trying to be open minded about it but really can’t seem to get past the fiddliness of messing with stitch markers and working increases. If it works for you, go for it!!! It’s all about choices so we can each find the ways of doing things that we prefer. I’ll admit that I’ve done German Short Rows so much and can practically do them blindfolded (exaggeration for sure!) that it would take a lot to persuade me that something else is better. I’ve done w&t, shadow wraps, Japanese short rows, and others; I keep coming back to GSR as the least visible and easiest to work.

I totally understand, I don’t get GSR’s and for some reason I can’t get my mind around w&ts. I have watched so many videos and still forget how to do them. At least I understand the pm’s they will help me not loose track if where I’m at lol.

I guess as a beginner I have to have it as simple as possible. I have found that kfb is my favorite increase and up till today I only really understood JMC till I watched all of these videos. I even have started trying to make the socks as she was explaining. I am excited to see if I can do it :grinning:

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Whatever makes it work!

Yep lol