Short rows need help

I found a pattern for a stocking that seemed pretty easy, but I need help with short rows as I have not done them before. The pattern called for me to cast on 34 stitches, but when I get to the first short row it says to knit 24 then turn and purl 15 and turn again. 24 and 15 dont make 34 so I am a little confused. Can someone explain to me how to do this?

That’s why they are called “short” rows, they aren’t the full 34 sts. Short rows create shaping and are done just like the instructions say (although the number of sts varies among patterns).

I assume you’re at the heel? Or maybe the toe? It’s magical…I still stop and look at my knitting a lot when I do short rows on heels. :wink:

Could you explain this part of the pattern to me? I have put the link to the full pattern too.
We’ll be starting short rows:
Next row: K24 turn,
Next row: P15 turn,
Continue in Stockinette Stitch working one extra stitch on every row [before you turn] until all the sts have been worked - [i.e. K16 turn, P17 turn etc.] ending on a knit row.
Purl one row on the 34sts. Then you can start the next stocking stitch part on the right side. The number of rows is not that essential and can be changed if so desired.

Knit 12 rows straight in Stockinette Stitch

OK, you should work the number of sts given in the pattern:
K24, turn as if you were at the end of the row. Ignore the sts remaining on the left hand needle for now.
P15 and again turn and once again ignore any sts remaining on the left hand needle. You’re going to be adding rows to the middle of the stocking.
On the next row K 16, turn
P17, turn
K18, turn
P19, turn and so on until you’ve incorporated all of the sts that were hanging out into the row, 34sts total.