Short rows in the round?

I get how to make short rows. I get how to pick up the first wrap around stick but the 2nd one looks weird. Everything I find shows how to pick up the 2nd wrapped stitch in purl, but I’m doing all knit stitches. Any advice on finding a video? Videos are much easier then photos. I making longies

I’m trying to figure out what you’re wanting to know. Do you have w&t stitches right next to each other? I’ve always had stitches between the turns for the short rows, but if you don’t I guess that could make a difference. By first wrap around stick, do you mean the stitch on the needle and the wrap? Maybe a picture would help clarify. IME all wrapped knit stitches would be picked up the same way.

if you’re going back on a knit row to pick up all the w&t, you can pick them all up the same way. Just go under the wrap and knit it together with the loop over the needle. It’s the same way that’s shown on the pick up here for the first wrap stitch on the knit row.

I had this all typed, but then the computer lost it. So here I go again.

My short rows are on the back of my longies. I knit 16 past the marker. I wrap and turn. I the purl back 16 past the marker. I wrap and turn. I knit around to the wrapped stitch and pick up the wrap. I then knit around to the other wrapped stitch and pick it up.

First picked up wrap stitch

Second picked up wrap stitch that I don’t think looks right.

From looking at your photos, I really don’t see anything wrong. I think you might be happier with another short row method. Here are videos for German short rows, the method I currently prefer.

German Short Rows Part I - Purl to knit

German Short Rows Part II Knit to purl

I’ve never gotten w&t short rows to work to my satisfaction. I find the GSR method is easier and shows less.

I looked at your photo again and I think you picked up the stitches at the p2 of your ribbing. I think that’s what makes it look odd. Maybe next time change the placement of your turns so that they’re all picked up on the k2 of the ribbing, or you might do a row of plain stockinette before you start the short rows.

I agree that it’s looks very good. There may be a missed wrap in the second photo but the pattern of color in the yarn makes it very difficult to see. The videos that GG linked to are very nice and worth a try, much less fussy than the w&t.

Thanks so very much for the links!!! I did that short row this morning and liked it so much better. I will continue to use it.