Short rows in the round

I have never knit short rows and have a pattern that calls for them. I have taken my work out a few times and getting a bit frustrated. I have watched the video on this site about how to do short rows and found it very helpful…until I get to the point where I am supposed to knit the wrapped stitch that I made after the purl row. The pattern says to work a short row when I reach Marker B and when I reach Marker A, turn back around and continue knitting for 3 rows. What I have done so far is go to Marker B and created the wrapped stitch, turned around and purled to Marker A, created another wrapped stitch, and then turned back and knit to Marker B and the first wrapped stitch, which I knit and it worked well. Since I’m supposed to continue knitting, I do so until I go all the way around to Marker A, but the wrapped stitch sits differently now and I can’t seem to knit it without leaving a bit of a gap and it doesn’t look right. What am I doing wrong and what do I need to do to fix this problem?

Have you checked the tension of your wraps? If they are too loose, that’s what created the gap. The only way I’ve found to correct that is to rip back and correct the wraps.

I have this same problem as Cat Gal… what happens (i believe) is when i get the the end of my short row heel, (this is where i might confuse people, so stick with me here…) using the magic loop method, (splitting half for sole and half for top onto both needles), i pull a stitch from the top part of the sock and wrap it and put it back, on both sides, creating an extra single wrap, which people don’t normally create, in an attempt to close holes (instead of picking up and knitting two together which most tend to do i think), this works great when you have worked the last purl row, wrapped, turned and work across to the front of the sock, can pick the wrap up easily and work it as usual, but then when i come to the wrap i made on the purl row… well it is approached from the wrong direction and wrapped in the opposite way. I have tried numerous ways to pick it up, but nothing works, so i figured, i’ll go back to the ‘old’ way of closing holes, by picking up extra stitches and knitting them together.

But if anyone knows how to pick up a wrap from the wrong direction, I would really love to know if this is possible to.

[size=2]Silver… where are you, sock guru, you must also be a wrap guru[/size]

Thanks, Dee (five_six), for your suggestion. I am actually making soaker longies and have several different patterns to try. Another pattern, also knit in the round, has instructions on how to insert short rows and although I have not yet had a chance to try it on my current project, it appears that there is no wrapping done. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to try it today and will let you know how it worked.


Well, I tried to do the short rows from the other pattern and the last bit of instruction was a bit confusing, so I ended up doing the short rows the best I could (and they didn’t turn out too bad…). I continued looking around for some sort of tutorial for doing short rows in the round and lo and behold, there was a link to just such a tutorial on another blog site…with pictures! I will be using these instructions on my next project. For anyone else who has had this same problem and would like to try something different than what they have been doing, here’s the link:

Good luck and hope this helps!

:thumbsup: Thanks Cat Gal… will definately check that out.