Short rows in Nancy Tunic (knit'nStyle Aug07)

can anyone help me a little bit?

row 1: k to last three, Wrap & Turn.
row 2: P to last three, W&T.
Row 3: k to four stitches from last wrapped stitch, W & T.
Row 4: p to last stitches from last wrapped stitch, W&T.

wo this means i need to knit all the way across until the last 7 in the row right? then purl to the last 7 in the next row right?

then it says: Repeat rows 3 and 4 until there are 3 stitches between the last two wrapped ones.

so i just keep adding increments of 4 to the W&T right?

The first 2 rows you’d knit/purl until the last 3, wrap and turn. Then on rows 3 and 4 you’d knit/purl until there’s 7 sts. However, it will be easy to see which is the wrapped st on later repeats of the row so you work until there’s 4 sts left before it. It’s easier to do it than to explain or see it in your head.

no, that makes sense. once i read the pattern properly it’s a bit easier to picture- they end up being sort of increases to the fabric itself right? rather than just to the edges.

now, one more thing, i’m a bit embarrassed, but since i did misread the instructions, i did rows 3 and 4 incorrectly. so now i have a W&T right beside a W&T on each end. (for the second set i knit until there were four from the end of hte row) think i can just carry on and start the correct instructions, or should i pull out those wrong rows?

I think you could just leave them in. When you go to pick them up, just pick them up on the same row, unless you need to add extra fabric. Which that’s what it does. Kind of like making darts in a blouse or dress.

ah! suzeeq! in the end, i did pull out the second set of W & T’s; since it was only one row, and part of the next. i’m not too crazy about hte pattern though- it’s was sort of vague about starting the shoulder shaping while at the same time doing the neck line shaping.

but tis ok! i completed the front and the shoulder shaping exactly matches the back shoulder shaping! YAY!

now i just have to seam everything up; though that is actually a bit harder than i hoped, since i can’t find the other sleeve. it must be somewhere in my apartment, but i can’t find it. i don’t think that’s what people mean by third sleeve syndrome.

thanks for your help!