Short rows in garter stitch

I am knitting a sweater with short rows. In my pattern, the “holes” created by the short row are resolved by a knit together in the following row. The “yfwd, sl 1 purlwise” in the short row is followed by a “knit tog the yfwd loop with the” in the next row.

Here is my question. I have found a way to do the short rows without the “holes” (Slip 1 purlwise, yfwd, turn round and slip stitch back to right needle). Is there any reason why I cannot substitute this method and just do a plain garter following the short row?

I might add that I don’t really understand the first method, because the yfwd seems to be a yo ("yarn forward loop) and it looks messy with the holes. Thank you for any light you can shed…


Normally when you do short rows with a wrap you pick up the wrap on the return to close the hole. Usually no need to with garter stitch.

I don’t see any reason not to substitute. Your aim is to have the short row shaping without tell-tale holes in the knitted fabric. Your second method is a more usual short row and should work fine (you coutd test it out on a swatch if you think necessary). And yes the yarn forward is a yo.